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Mr. Rajesh Kewat getting featured in the special edition of Forbes India Magazine - Showstoppers 2022-23

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Meet Rajesh Kewat, The Small Town Entrepreneur Behind FastInfoClass & OnlineLegalIndia Success...

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Rajesh Kewat, the MD of FastInfo Legal Services Pvt Ltd, owns a movie-like story; a man who lost everything for his love...

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From Rs. 2000 Salary to Multi-Crore Turnover Company | Rajesh Kewat | TEDxPradhikaran .

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TEDx invites Mr. Rajesh Kewat, MD & CEO of FastInfo Group, as a speaker at Pradhikaran, Pune, Maharashtra.

IIT Kharagpur

Invited as guest speaker at IIT Kharagpur's entrepreneurship cell event on the topic “Bootstrapping vs. Raising Capital: The Decision-Making Dilemma for Early-Stage Founders.

About Rajesh Kewat

I am Rajesh Kewat, an entrepreneur, technocrat, and educationist by trade. I founded FastInfo Group in 2019 with the objective of helping and serving people at an affordable price. FastInfo is a one-stop destination providing solutions for all your commercial, educational, and legal needs. From a one-person startup to becoming a conglomerate within a span of just three years, it gives me immense pleasure to say that FastInfo is one of the most popular and rapidly expanded 360-degree digital platforms in the country.

Join My Voyage

My journey as a passionate first generation serial entrepreneur who have had a fair share of challenges while walking down the less trodden path of entrepreneurship. I firmly believe in the concept of a "life-long learner". As I continue to learn and make my way through life this page will continue to capture my journey as it unfolds.

My Life Sketch:

Rajesh Kewat

“Success needs more of Positive motivation than Resources.” - Rajesh Kewat

Born in Dinhata, Cooch Behar district in the state of West Bengal, India on June 22nd 1985, in a poor family, my father used to work in a Petrol Pump in the post of Assistant Manager. My schooling was done at Stationpara Saranarthi High School and Gopal Nagar Mahesh Saha Sharanarthi High School. I pursued Bachelor of Computer Applications from IGNOU and Master of Computer Application from Punjab Technical University.

Early Career

Rajesh Kewat

I started my early career as a Marketing executive in the year 2008 with a pay of Rs. 2000/- in Lalani Computer Academy.

The next twelve years saw me working in organizations like Brainware Computer Academy, First Source Solution Limited, Assistant Computer Teacher at Brahmanir Chowki High School and leading education sectors like Educomp Solution Limited, Pearson India Education Services Pvt. Ltd followed by Oxford.

Life Took a Hard Turn

“A pain can only be understood when life’s graph had fallen downwards!”- Rajesh Kewat

In the year 2017, life came down hard on me for loving the person I most admired in life, my soul mate. In order to get united, life demanded a lot of sacrifice from me so much so that I had to lose my job, all assets, belongings and money. But I refused to give up! This unknown storm had come into my life with such force that I had to move out from everywhere to save my relation. I kept firm on my stance keeping belief on my confidence and will power. Eventually even without any financial support I managed to build my own ladder to reach my goal of success and achievement. I am and will always be grateful to the people who were with me and blessed me in my darkest hours in life.

Mrs. Kewat

Rajesh Kewat

The Ultimate Source of My Motivation

Rajesh Kewat Family

The Power of a Family Lies in Its Devotion & Loyalty to Each Other in an Hour of Crisis

Adversities test the strength of bonding among the family members. It was my family that gave me the courage and motivation to continue dreaming big inspite of the severe financial crisis that we were in. I feel blessed to have a family that supported me during the tough times. It is truly said that when you look after your family, the Almighty blesses you to overcome any crisis.

My Autobiography

My autobiography is a not a book to be only read…but to experience!

The desire to write my life story is mainly aimed at motivating the youth, to make their belief system strong and unshakable on the fact that no matter how bad the challenges you have in life you are absolutely capable of making a strong bounce back, just like I did.

Each of the life-changing incidents that occurred to me in life from being born financially challenged, fighting for love, getting tormented and humiliated on my caste and status, witnessing my first new build business being snatched away to finally giving the big bounce back, have been meticulously jotted down in this book and will surely give you a fresh outlook of life’s challenges and the courage to overcome them.

If even one life changes for the better through my book, I would consider this to be the greatest accomplishment of my life!

Rajesh Kewat Book

My Entrepreneurial Journey

Serving Society as an RTI activist

Equipped with 10 years of experience as an Right To Information (RTI) activist and the flame of serving society burning deep within, I derived immense satisfaction in helping people in drafting RTI application followed by clearing up all the formalities till resolution was obtained, all this as a part of social service without any monetary involvement. I felt RTI to be the best weapon to fight against corruption and entitling each and every citizen to exercise their rights and privileges.

The First Spark

During the days as a successful RTI activist, the thought of serving the entire nation dawned in my mind and thus onlinertiapplication.com came into existence under the online platform True Consultant.

Birth of Online Legal India Pvt. Ltd

The success at a national level in serving justice to the masses provided me with the impetus of expanding my reach into the legal field and True Consultant was then incorporated into a private limited company with the name of FastInfo Legal Services Pvt. Ltd. With Online Legal India being the subsidiary focused on fighting against online fraud and consumer complaints, GST Filing & Registration, Company Registration, Trade Mark Registration and much more. It soon became India’s largest online company in the field of consumer complaint.

Venturing into the Domain of Education

Inception of FastInfo Class

The domain of education was always close to me as I had professional association with companies like Educomp Solution Limited, Pearson India Education Services Pvt Ltd followed by Oxford. The expertise gained helped me immensely in venturing into the domain of education. Keeping in mind the fact that in today’s world people are running behind time, the requirement for an online platform for faster service delivery was the need of the hour and thus FastInfo Class was formed to cater online education to individuals, saving up immensely on their precious time and resources. This website brought forth a huge scope for the rural as well as urban students. Especially rural students as they are lacking infrastructure. The Rs.299 per month English speaking course has touched and changed innumerable lives thereby playing an important part in uplifting the society. The deep satisfaction that I experience when I see 12000+ students pan India getting benefitted from our courses, is priceless.

Going Digital - The Need of the Hour

After successful ventures into the legal & education domain I was met with a calling for working in my own field of Information Technology well equipped with my MCA qualification. The world is watching as the rules of the markets changed drastically in the COVID-19 era. Businesses are taking an extra step to adapt to the “new normal” to stay competitive. The solution is a complete “Digital Transformation”. Thus took birth “Innovative Bharat”, a leader in digital transformation services, providing businesses with the right platform to launch themselves into the digital world. Helping businesses with solutions designed to address the customer. It provides 360° Next-gen IT solutions to help businesses compete with the best in the digital arena.

Recent ventures

Recent additions to our list of ventures are Online Class India a one stop hub for various career building courses and OnlyDesi –a Swadeshi Online Marketplace for Indian Products & Services. From starting my professional career at a minimal salary of Rs. 2000 to setting up a group of companies, which is now worth millions – and it wouldn’t have been possible without the constant motivation and support of my family.

For more information about my journey, you can go through my article on Wikipedia.

My Ventures in a Nutshell

  • FastInfo
  • Online Legal India
  • FastInfo
  • OnlyDesi
  • Innovative Bharat
  • Online Class India